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Things to Know About Flat Roofs

Things to Know About Flat Roofs

In general, there two types of a roofing system. The most used and highly discussed roofing system is what we call the pitched roofing system. In contrast to such type, we also have what we call a flat roof or flat roofing.

Flat roofs are those roofs that are almost leveled, unlike the pitched ones they lack significant slope. Contrary to popular belief, flat roofing started not in the modern period, but from the ancient times. And they exist not just in first world countries, but almost all over the world.

Although not popular in the United States, particularly in Massachusetts, flat roofs are highly used in areas where there are fewer rainfalls and freezing temperature is unlikely to happen. They are used in such desert or the arid environment because they are good at keeping out the sun’s heat. Apart from that, they are easy to build and cheaper depending on the materials and complexity of the flat roofing project.

image of a flat roof installation

Flat Roof Considerations

If you are a property owner, leading roofing contractor like South Shore Roofing, highly suggest taking into account some of the considerations before you decide to have a flat roof for your property. In typical flat roof installation, you will have to use about sixteen components that serve unique purposes. In the United States, flat roofs are usually installed for home garages and extensions. One of the reasons why other flat roofs fail is the lack of maintenance and the proper installation technique used. That is why when you will be having a flat roof for your property, you should contact a reliable and expert flat roof installation contractor in your area.

Similar to its purposes, you should also understand that flat roofs are not all the same. There are different types of flat roofs nowadays. And each type may require different materials or components, and they may include single-ply membranes and multi-ply BUR or modified bitumen membranes. And each has its own specification for installation and maintenance.

Another consideration for a flat roofing system is the drainage. In order for your roofing system to be successful, in terms of flat roofing, you should have a reliable drainage system to keep your flat roof watertight. And such requirement may include gutter installation around the edge of the flat roof, drainage outlets installed through the perimeter, and even Internal drains that are integrated into the roof field.

Pros & Cons of Flat Roofing


One of the most notable advantages of using a flat roof for your roofing system is the price. The materials to be used from the initial building up to its installation are a lot cheaper as compared to other roofing materials. They are affordable in terms of the installation and the maintenance, for the material itself are highly adaptable and flexible.

Another known positive attribute of having a flat roof is space you will save or that can be added to your property. Yes, as commonly observed, flat roofs can easily be converted into a storage area or just simply a hangout area on your property. Since the area above is flat, there are many things you can do with it.


One of the disadvantages of having a flat roof is the drainage. Unlike the sloped or pitched roofing, drainage installation is a bit complicated with a flat roof. Rainwater has a tendency to puddle or stay on the roof surface, leading to early material breakdown if not resolved immediately. Secondly, flat roofing is also in disadvantaged in term of material options. The rolled roofing types that are commonly utilized for a flat roofing system are relatively inexpensive but have a shorter lifespan.

Flat roofs may not be the most aesthetically pleasing and convenient option for a property. However, such a system has its own advantages that will come handy or useful for some homeowners. That is why you should always pay attention to both the positive and negative side of flat roofing system before you decide on having one.

In order to also arrive at a reasoned decision, you should also consider checking with a reliable roofing contractor that specializes in all aspect of flat roofing system, be it installation, repair, or replacement. They can easily assess the readiness of your property and environment concerning a potential switch towards the flat roof. There are number of roofing companies in your area, however, you should only choose the ones that who have experienced installing flat roofs to numerous customers. And also consider the feedback of the previous clients in deciding on what company you should hire for your flat roof concerns.

Things To Know Before Roof Replacement

The roof which is one of the most important parts of any house needs to be replaced if it goes beyond the point of repair. Of course, roof replacement is not an easy task. It costs a lot, and there are various parameters that come into play. To make sure that the money is being spent properly, anyone who is replacing their roofs should know certain things. Some of them are

The selection process

Replacing the roof is not the kind of job that a normal person can do. To get the job done, we need to hire roofing contractors. People generally choose these roofing contractors based on their budget. This is one place that most of us go wrong. Everyone should understand that roof replacement is not a regular thing to happen. Hence most of these contractors do not care about quality or customer satisfaction. They try to make as much profit as possible. So while choosing these contractors, make sure that they provide us with quality service. Check for online reviews or get suggestions from the people you know before deciding on the contractor.

Quality over cost

A new roof when replaced must serve for a minimum of ten to fifteen years.  So it is high time that quality should take the front seat. Opting for the high quality eliminates the worry for roof damage or roof replacement for a long period of time. These good quality roofing materials come in a wide range of choices. This allows you to choose according to your desire and also that suits your house. Quality

Pay attention to paperwork

The roofing replacement process might be a simple one. But in most of the towns and cities, it demands a lot of paperwork. There are three essential documents for roof replacement.
  1. A building permit for the roofing project to ensure that the contractor who you have haired is following the building code.
  2. A written contract that bears the specifications of the cost, material and every detail of the project.
  3. A letter that is addressed to the insurance carrier of the contractor confirming the coverage of the particular project.

 Replacing the old ones

When it comes to roofing everyone is permitted to have two layers of shingles. So, if there is only one layer in your house, the new layer can be laid over it. Retaining the old ones saves so much money and time. In this process, the roofing contractors can work on the repairs on the old layer and fix the new ones. In places with cold temperatures striping the old roofs allows them to lay ice and water shield. roof-replacement

Final Payment

Before making the final payment, it is important that your check the minute details of the work. Make sure that work is done flawlessly. One of the most important things to remember is that during the roof replacement there must be a minimum of at least 10,000 nails stripped off from the old ones. There are good possibilities that they must have fallen on the grass lawn, backyard and so on. It is the duty of the contractor to remove these nails from the surrounding of the house using huge magnets. The removal of these nails ensures the safety of everyone.


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